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Mando Unveiled 3rd Generation E-Bike


FRIEDRICHSHAFEN, Germany – Mando Corp is taking its Footloose bikes to the next and third generation. It’s the company’s first e-bike featuring full-sized 26 inch wheels, complementing the smaller sized models it already has available.

Mando Unveiled 3rd Generation E-Bike
The new Mando Footloose 26-inch features the familiar curved lines. – Photo Bike Europe

The 26-inch wheeled e-bike is powered by a 504Wh lithium-ion battery. The full-sized version offers an increase of up to 60% in range, enabling a distance of up to 90 kilometres (the maximum range by throttle) on a single charge.

The new Mando Footloose bike also shows off stylish design and advanced technology available with its more compact models, including the breakthrough chainless Series Hybrid Technology that powers the wheels with the bike’s internal 250 watt motor. Korean Mando Footloose expects that the new model will be available in summer 2016.

Advanced capabilities

The larger Mando Footloose contains all the advanced capabilities of the original models, including its Electronic Control Unit (ECU) that monitors the bike’s condition and manages the system to optimize the bike. The integrated technology also includes a removable Human Machine Interface (HMI), an LCD computer module that mounts on the handle bars to act as the dashboard for the bike. It provides the user with power, speed, maintenance and even health/fitness information. The HMI also allows the user to select preferred modes including acceleration mode and pedal resistance. The HMI communicates with the bike’s other systems to notify the user of changes in terrain, maintenance issues and battery level via its intuitive and bright display.

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