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More Parts Makers Start Production at Bike Valley Portugal


AGUEDA, Portugal – Bike Valley Portugal is gaining momentum as more bike component manufacturers are starting production here. Like a major maker of suspension forks whose production is planned to start here in the first quarter of 2017.

More Parts Makers Start Production at Bike Valley Portugal
Alloy frame production at Bike Valley Portugal will be incomparable to that in Asia which is pictured here. – Photo Bike Europe

The new company founded by Portuguese component makers Rodi, Miranda, and Ciclo-Fapril that is starting up aluminium frame production in Portugal – Triangles – is also behind the production set-up of suspension forks. Triangles is developing this project with one of the world’s biggest producers of suspension forks. As said production is planned to start beginning 2017.

Also saddle production

Next to a big producer of suspension forks, also one of the world’s biggest in saddles has advanced plans to start production in Agueda, Portugal; the region where most of the country’s bike companies are located.

Fully robotized alloy frame production

In May 2016 the production of aluminium frames by Triangles will also start in Agueda. At last month’s Eurobike show the man presiding over the aluminium frame production project – Rodi and frame-producer Triangles President Armando Levi Silva – presented more details regarding what is now taking place in Portugal. He said that the alloy frame production in Portugal will be incomparable to that in Asia. And that it will be commercially viable as it will take place fully robotized. The Triangles facility will have 2 production lines; each with 10 robots.

Adding supply chain flexibility

Investing and setting-up parts production in Portugal is a major move towards adding flexibility to the supply chain of the bike industry in Europe. Lead times of over six months for essential components like frames conflict with the growing need to promptly adjust bike production to dealer demand. In particular because dealers are increasingly reluctant to stock costly (electric and sports) bikes and want to order later and later in the season.

More is in Bike Europe’s September edition; publication date of the printed magazine is September 25 and online publication date is September 24.

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