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Multi-Geared Mid-Motors Making their Market Entry


FRIEDRICHSHAFEN, Germany – Mid-motors that offer 2 or more internal gears were presented at Eurobike. They indicate a completely new approach of motor support that in particular offer new features focused on speed e-bikes as well as e-MTBs.

Multi-Geared Mid-Motors Making their Market Entry
Neox e-bike with mid-motor that has an eight stage electromagnetic gear. – Photo Bike Europe

At last month’s Eurobike two manufacturers of mid-motors showed their latest developments with multi-geared mid-motors. Panasonic presented its ‘Multi Speed Assist System’ which is a central motor with two internal gears. Vicenza, Italy based Sirtek Srl presented its Neox e-bikes that have the world’s first mid-motor with internal 8-speed.

Multi Speed Assist System

Panasonic compares its newest central motor with two internal gears with a 2-speed front derailleur. “In combination with the rear hub gears it offers sporting riding characteristics than ever before. The new 2-speed gear feature also enhances the electric consumption efficiency of the motor. It can be used in a belt-driven electric bicycle.” The Multi Speed Assist System is offering a low (direct drive 1:1) as well as a 1:1.415 high gear transmission ratio’s. Panasonic claims that in combination with rear hub gears its Multi Speed Assist System offers, next to sportier riding characteristics, also an enhanced electric (battery) efficiency. With the wider gear ratio possibilities Panasonic Multi Speed Motor will, next to eMTBs, also suit speed e-bikes in particular.

8-Speed e-bike drive

Neox premiered the world’s first mid-motor with internal 8-speed at Eurobike for which it won an Award. An eight stage electromagnetic gear is integrated in the Neox bottom bracket motor. Interesting is also that the motor power is transmitted via a chain that runs in a fully encapsulated single-sided swingarm. This allows a simple replacement of the rear wheel.

The first Neox e-bike is a throttled operated 250W model targeting delivery services. However, the Neox 500W mid-motor also offers speed e-bikes possibilities. For 2016 Neox offers 4 models City, Touring, Sporter and Crosser. They are retail priced between 3,500 to 5,000 euro.

To bring the Neox e-bikes to the market after five years of development, Gianni Mazzeo is appointed. He was for eight years export manager at Flyer. He is now in charge of international marketing and the distribution setup.

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