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Relaunch of Slovenian Rog Bikes?


LJUBLJANA, Slovenia – Rog was country’s biggest bike manufacturer in old days of Yugoslavia and later in Slovenia. Some years ago it was joined by Elan Bikes, but that story didn’t have a happy ending. Now, after years of silence, it looks like the brand will be back on the market.

Relaunch of Slovenian Rog Bikes?
After years of silence, it looks like Rog branded bikes will be back on the market in Slovenia. – Photo Bike Europe

Last week the Rog Bikes brand was sold at an auction that followed the bankruptcy of a company called Notik&V. They got hold of the brand name in 2009 when they paid 80,000 euro for Rog Bikes at a public auction.

Only the brand

At last week’s auction the company Fura (Slovenian slang word for ride), paid 45,100 euro for the Rog Bikes brand name. It includes only the brand as the factory in Ljubljana is long gone.

Fura is a small company that develops and sells e-bikes. They also build a network of charging stations in the tourism region of Prekmurje, close to border with Hungary. The last update on their website dates back to 2012. Fura’s turnover is limited. The company did not announce their plans with the Rog brand yet. But one thing is sure; the brand is still very well known among the people in the region.

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