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Benotti Maker Benobikes Acquires AX-Lightness


CREUSSEN, Germany – Benobikes GmbH & Co. KG acquired the insolvent carbon lightweight construction manufacturer AX-Lightness GmbH. The company will continue its business as AX-Lightness Composites GmbH & Co. KG.

Benotti Maker Benobikes Acquires AX-Lightness
It’s unknown whether Axel Schnura will stay on board after Benobikes acquired AX Lightness. – Photo Jo Beckendorff

AX-Lightness GmbHs founder and general manager Axel Schnura had to apply for insolvency on July 22 due to an unexpected discontinuation of a client in the car racing industry in combination with non-payment by an OEM customer. Since then receiver Dr. Kai Uhr handled the daily operation of the entire AX Lightness business.

Undisclosed amount

Benobikes, manufacturer of the direct distributed Benotti bikes, acquired AX-Lightness for an undisclosed amount. According to Benobikes founder and general manager Bernd Nolte he took over the AX-Lightness facility including all its 30 employees.

“Our aim is to strengthen our market position of German made high-end carbon bicycles and bicycle parts in combination with an increased global distribution,” said Bernd Nolte. “We also want to consolidate the carbon operation of AX-Lightness and the custom-made Benotti bikes in the Creussen facility.”

Racing car business

“AX-Lightness advanced bicycles are most interesting for us, although we will also continue our racing car business which is still the biggest part of our company,” Bernd Nolte said. Moreover Nolte also wants to get a foothold on the medical market and the first contacts with a prosthesis supplier have been established.

Whether AX-Lightness GmbH founder and general manager Axel Schnura, the technical genius of the company’s advanced know-how on carbon, stays on board is still unknown. According to Bernd Nolte he and Schnura are holding closed discussions. A final decision is expected at end of November.

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