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Plans for Establishing More Aluminium Frame Production in Europe


DOETINCHEM, The Netherlands – Next to the new Triangles factory for making aluminium e-bike frames in Portugal there is a second frame facility in the making close the Europe’s main markets. The plans for that facility are now being developed.

Plans for Establishing More Aluminium Frame Production in Europe
Plans for a 2nd alloy frame making facility in Europe are also tuned to how car chassis’ are being produced. – Photo Porsche

Rumours are going round for some time that there’s another aluminium frame factory to be set-up in Europe. These rumours say that there’s a Dutch company behind it. This trade journal got the confirmation that these rumours are not unfounded.

Industrial conglomerate

Currently the initiative for establishing a 2nd alloy frame producing facility in Europe is in the early stages. As it seems plans are in an orientation phase. The company behind it is an industrial conglomerate capable of a multi-million euro investment.

New bike assembly facility in Portugal

Rumours on a new bike assembly facility being set-up in Portugal also seem not to be unfounded. This facility will have an annual production capacity in excess of a half million bikes. It is said that machinery is coming in now as the facility is already being set-up.

Triangles frame facility

As reported earlier by Bike Europe Rodi, Miranda, and Ciclo-Fapril are investing € 14 million in a Portuguese frame facility named Triangles, which will have an initial capacity of 450,000 aluminium frames. For phase 2 another investment of € 5 million is planned, to raise capacity further.

Creating supply chain flexibility

Investing and setting-up aluminium frame production in Portugal is a major move towards adding flexibility to the supply chain of the bike industry in Europe. Currently Triangles is also developing a project with one of the biggest producers of suspension forks. Production is to expected to start in the first quarter of 2017.

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