News Article Grows, Moves to Biggest Warehouse in Scandinavia


HADSUND, Denmark – is moving to a new warehouse which is the biggest in Scandinavia. The Danish P&A and bikes webshop that also targets dealers is growing rapidly. Grows, Moves to Biggest Warehouse in Scandinavia
The current Cykelgear operation in Hadsund. – Photo Torben Finn Laursen

Main business of is internet sale to end consumers. However, the company is also operating as a wholesaler that distributes its own brands to dealers. Cykelgear is the Nordic distributor for the Czech KCK Cycleforce brand Force.


Cykelgear also has its own store which is also expanding; from the current 200m² to 800m². The warehouse of the company is being expanded from 1,800m² to 14,000 m². After just three years at the current address in Hadsund, Denmark the company had to move due to a lack of space. The move is planned to take place around Easter 2016.

Move to Terndrup

“We have been really happy to be in Hadsund,” said Erik Buus Larsen from After a prolonged search, we unfortunately had to realize that we could not find a big enough location in Hadsund, which was suitable for us.” The company moves both warehouse and shop to Terndrup; the new domicile best known as “The Old Karl Molin”.

With the move Cykelgear is also switching to a partially automated warehouse as the company intends to continue its performance of the best delivery speed in Scandinavia. The ‘old’ Cykelgear buildings in Hadsund are for sale or rent.

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