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Piaggio Starts Again on E-Bike Market With Wi-Bike


MILAN, Italy – At the International Motorcycle Show EICMA in Milan 2014, Piaggio already announced its entrance on the e-bike market and showed a stylish model. Not much was heard from the Italian scooter manufacturer until last week when they again introduced the Wi-Bike.

Piaggio Starts Again on E-Bike Market With Wi-Bike
The Piaggio Wi-Bike features a compact motor that fits elegantly in the frame. – Photo Piaggio

According to Piaggio: “The belt driven Wi-bike goes beyond the concept of an pedal-assisted bicycle but also as presents and shares information over modern networks and interaction interfaces with the vehicle. Thanks to PMP (Piaggio Multimedia Platform) technology, the Wi-bike has an advanced man-mechanical vehicle interface and guarantees constant data sharing with the world.”

Advanced algorithms

Like the e-bike introduced last year, the new Wi-bike also features a compact motor that fits elegantly in the frame. Piaggio claims that “thanks to its axial-symmetric shape, designed around the pedal axle, the entire electric motor is hidden behind the sprocket. Advanced algorithms should guarantee an innovative control of e-bike, all to the advantage of reliability.”

The Piaggio Wi-Bike features a high degree of connectivity including USB connection serves for a smartphone allowing to use this device for diagnostics and software updates. The smartphone can also be used to receive an alert notice in the event of a poor charge, for example after a long period of disuse. Service centre operations can be done via the same smartphone connection with a tablet or via Bluetooth technology.


A GPS/GSM module is housed in the battery which functions both as a satellite anti-theft device and a data transmission element from/for the battery. If the system detects a theft attempt of the vehicle, an alert is sent immediately via the dedicated app and the e-bike’s position is tracked on the map.

Wi-Bike also means “community”: at the end of each training session or simply on completing your ride, you can share the data related to the experience you’ve just had with your friend on the most common social networks.

Pure Italian design

The Piaggio Wi-Bike is available with four different models. The entry level Comfort which comes in three different frame sizes. The Comfort Plus features a genuine leather ergonomic seat and hand grips, some classy details such as a different type of tyres as well as two drive options: manual operator or electronic control. The Active has a sportier design and three operating options: traditional mechanical, manual operated and electronic controlled. Finally the Active Plus which is like the Active but also includes a luxury equipment like a leather seat and hand grips.

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