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Taya Chain Optimizes its Own ‘Production System’


TAINAN, Taiwan – “Twenty years ago we decided to maintain our R&D and high and mid-end production in Taiwan and not to move this to China like so many other companies in the bicycle industry and others did,” said Jill Wu of Taya Chain.

Taya Chain Optimizes its Own ‘Production System’
‘Our decision to maintain the majority of our production in Taiwan, worked out well for us,’ said Jill Wu of Taya Chain. – Photo Bike Europe

Handling more than one million parts every day in their main Tainan factory is one of the challenges Taya Chain must meet to guarantee a smooth running production. While the company manufacturers chains for different applications, the monthly output of bicycles chains alone reaches three million units.

‘Decision worked out well’

During a factory tour in the company’s operation headquarters in Tainan, Jill Wu told how this decision to stay in Taiwan worked out well. In quality this decision paid out in four consecutive Taiwan Excellence Awards from 2011 to 2014. Back in 2006 Taya Chain already received multiple awards for its first ‘environmentally friendly’ anti-rust chain.

In-house QC centre

“Our conclusion to keep our focal point in Taiwan also meant that we had to step up our quality control and production efficiency,” explains Wu. “To improve the product quality, we set up our own Taya Excellence Production Centre in operation in 2009. For the 9 to 11 speed we also introduced the bicycle chain trace-ability which allows people to trace the source from raw material to finished product.

In Taya’s main Tainan factory the company has four production lines. One each for 11, 10, 9, and 8 speed chains. The same goes for the quality control and packaging lines.

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