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Varta Pulls Out E-Bike Market


ELLWANGEN, Germany – Varta Microbattery announced that their e-bike batteries like the CellPace and the VARad are no longer on the market. Why Varta withdraws from the e-bike market was not disclosed.

Varta Pulls Out E-Bike Market
Varta Microbattery has not commented on their strategic decision to withdraw from the e-bike market. – Photo Varta

‘The designer and manufacturer of high-technology power pack solutions for the industrial, medical and communications industries’, as Varta describes itself, entered the e-bike growth market in 2013 introducing the VARad Li-ion electric bike battery pack.

Partner projects in the bike industry

At that time the e-bike market was not new to Varta as the company already supplied GO SwissDrive with their made-to-measure battery with a continuous power output rated at 25A, and a peak power output of 30A.

Only two years ago, Varta Microbattery introduced an e-bike drive system, in cooperation with Swedish motor manufacturer Höganäs. Though introduced at Interbike 2014 in Las Vegas that project proved not successful as Höganäs already pulled out the e-bike market in June 2015, as Bike Europe reported.

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