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Kids’ Bikes Manufacturer Opens New Factory In UK


LONDON, UK – Supported by the Welsh Government and the HSBC bank, Frog bikes will be opening a new factory in the UK shortly. According to Frog Bike’s press release “the production is expected to commence this summer.”

Kids’ Bikes Manufacturer Opens New Factory In UK
The light weight Frog bikes will be produced in the UK as of this summer. – Photo Frog bikes

“Frog Bikes has grown so fast, and we have not always been able to keep up with demand,” says Shelly Lawson who founded the company together with her partner Jerry. “To get more control over our supply chain will make us more responsive to demand, and enable us to reduce our environmental footprint. And of course we are very pleased to be able to create up to 50 jobs.”

Distribution via IBDs and online

Frog bikes are sold through IBDs in the UK, several European countries, Canada, South Africa, Hong Kong, and Japan, as well as directly to customers worldwide via their webshop.

Shelly and Jerry started Frog bikes to develop light weight kids’ bicycles making it easier for children to learn to ride and enjoy it more. They also hired renowned bicycle engineer Dimitris Katsanis to design a unique crank which reduces the space between the pedals, allowing children to push more directly down when cycling, so converting more of their energy into motion.

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