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Michelin Increases Speed To Market


CLERMONT FERRAND, France – “Michelin gives top priority to develop tyres more rapidly that meet the quickly shifting expectations of our customers,” says Karl De Quick, general manager of Michelin’s bicycle tyre division. “Therefore 2016 will become an important year for our bicycle products.”

Michelin Increases Speed To Market
“We want to offer our customers an unprecedented wide range of tires,” says Karl De Quick, general manager of Michelin’s bicycle tire division. – Photo Michelin

“We will put even more emphasis on our two main target groups: road race and mountain bike and we will give to priority to the ‘premium’ segment,” explains Karl De Quick Michelin’s strategy in the January/February issue of Bike Europe.

Tyres for dedicated markets

“Moreover we are going to expand our road race product range based on our strategy to offer a tyre for each category and type of surfaces. We want to offer our customers an unprecedented wide range of tyres, which includes specific ones for dedicated markets, like North America.”

To improve the global availability of Michelin products the company appointed new partners while the process to improve the distribution in Asia and South-America is still in full swing.

Product range per distribution channel

“We have differentiated four distribution channels: wholesalers/retailers, pure players or online shops, large sports retailers such as Decathlon, and finally the general stores. The availability of our products is of great importance for the success of our new strategy. Therefore we decided to broaden and deepen our market presence. The role of the dealer is of vital importance and we will roll out a new strategy to motivate the dealer to sell Michelin.”

Michelin’s marketable value

“To provide maximum sales support for the retailer we will step up our training facilities as well as the in-store information including the packages. This will improve the availability of our products but also increase Michelin’s marketable value. The importance of the dealer channel is further enhanced by the introduction of the ‘Gold’ partnership with a select group of wholesalers.”

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