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New company to Add Positive Energy to E-Bike Market


SILKEBORG, Denmark – The man behind it has been involved in e-bikes right from the start of this new category and is also known as an inventor of some e-bike features still used today. Lars Munksoe who started Protanium in 2006 has now sold all of his shares in that company to Accell Group and started a new e-bike company. It’s called Positive Energies ApS.

New company to Add Positive Energy to E-Bike Market
Lars Munksoe started new e-bike company; Positive Energies. – Photo Positive Energies

Lars Munksoe is mainly known for inventing the LED light and as the inventor of the removable battery (from the bicycle frame) for e-bikes. He was also the first to put lithium batteries on electric bicycles for mass production, which is also the de facto standard today.

Independent new company

Munksoe’s new company Positive Energies is independent of any major group and is free to operate and do business with all groups and companies in the bicycle business. Lars Munksoe comments: “I have come to the conclusion that to reach the full potential it is best to be independent of any major player in the bicycle business. To be able to work with any company allow us to bring the best products onto the market.”

Business model

The business model for Positive Energies is to design and quality control the production of e-bikes for interested bicycle import companies. Positive Energies will be offering a complete line of e-bikes, including with removable batteries inside the frames, with its proprietary new improved inventions.

On the design side, Positive Energies has signed up ‘top of the line’, well-known designers from different fields of design, including experienced bicycle designers.

Also speed e-bikes

Through its daughter automotive company, Lynx ApS, Positive Energies also offers fully approved electric vehicles, including the L1e, a high-speed’ e-bike with cut-off speed of 45 km/h.

The official public launch of the new models and the LYNX e-bike brand will be made at the coming China International Bicycle & Motor Fair in Shanghai (6-9 May). However, Positive Energies will also be available at next week’s Taipei International Cycle Show, from the 2nd to the 5th of March. More at

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