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Avantisbike Expands OEM Assembling Facility in Portugal


LOTE, Portugal – Avantisbike Lda, which is already manufacturing and painting bikes in Portugal for 15 years, is expanding its facility in Bike Valley Portugal. For this expansion MD and owner Sergio Ramos entered into a trading agreement with new customers and Cronus that previously operated as an OEM maker in Cambodia.

Avantisbike Expands OEM Assembling Facility in Portugal
Avantisbike in Bike Valley Portugal operates 3 painting lines. Next to 2 new assembly lines the company is also installing 2 HM wheelbuilding robots. – Photo Bike Europe

On March 8 Bike Europe reported that Cronus/Oscar Bikes is setting up an assembly facility in Portugal’s Bike Valley. This trade journal reported that, according to sources, the Oscar facility in Portugal should get a capacity of over half a million bikes. Avantisbike MD Sergio Ramos contacted Bike Europe after this publication in order to set things straight.


Avantisbike Sergio Ramos said,  “After manufacturing in Portugal for 15 years, I have decided to expand my business into much larger premises and I was looking for bicycle assembling equipment to fit this new factory out. I was approached by different Taiwan and China factories, including the Cronus management that asked if they could provide this equipment too.”

Trading agreement

Sergio Ramos continues, “I entered into an arrangement to buy the Cronus plant and also to be provided with frames and forks from their factory in Cambodia. Part of this trading agreement is for us to build bikes for their brands and their customers. All of these bikes will be built to strictly meet all current regulations relating to anti-circumvention rules and to the various EU standards. Our European suppliers are commercial partners in this new project. In short, Cronus/Oscar Bikes is not setting up a factory in Portugal; Avantisbike is expanding its OEM operation for assembling bicycles.”

New assembly lines and HM wheelbuilding robots

Avantisbike in Bike Valley Portugal operates three painting lines which include phosphating, liquid painting and powder coating. The company offers mid to high-end finishing and already paints for various European factories. Next to two new assembly lines Avantisbike is also installing now two Holland Mechanics wheelbuilding robots. End of April the expanded Avantisbike 8,000m² facility is will go ‘online’ and will have a production capacity of about 250,000 bikes annually.


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