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Bohle Improves Delivery Capability as Demand for Schwalbe Continues to Grow


REICHSHOF, Germany – The Bohle Group sees demand for its Schwalbe tyres grow year on year; in 2015 again with double-digit figures. It created the need for extra production capacity. For that the company, together with its Korean partner, started a new facility in Vietnam which is coming ‘online’ now.

Bohle Improves Delivery Capability as Demand for Schwalbe Continues to Grow
QC at Schwalbe plant in Indonesia. Now Schwalbe’s 2nd facility in Vietnam is coming online. – Photo Bike Europe

Also for 2016 the Bohle Group anticipates further growth. In particular as the year started positively. In a press release MD Frank Bohle states, “After a commercially successful 2015, we are seeing the first positive trends for the current year.”

Workload of main Schwalbe plant in Indonesia

Last year Bohle, market leader in Europe for bicycle tyres, saw its turnover grow by 12.5%. It came in at 180 million euro; up 20 million euro on the total turnover made in 2014.

The considerable demand for Schwalbe tyres made the construction of a second plant necessary. The new production plant in Vietnam is now relieving the workload of the main Schwalbe plant in Indonesia.

Improved delivery capability

Frank Bohle states that the new Vietnam facility improves the delivery capability for Schwalbe tyres, “Over the course of this year, the retailers will clearly see the added capacity that is being provided by the new plant in Vietnam. When constructing the plant we once again saw that the German-Korean cooperation is alive and well.” The South Korean family-owned company Hung A and the German family-owned company Bohle have now been manufacturing tyres together for the Schwalbe brand for more than 40 years.


For this year the company is also presenting tyre innovations which are also set to contribute to the positive development in 2016. These include an extremely lightweight tube in which the traditional use of black rubber has been completely omitted and which weighs only one third of a conventional tube. As an alternative product, Schwalbe has developed a new thermoplastic material for bicycle tubes in cooperation with the chemicals experts of BASF. The Schwalbe Evo Tube will be available for mountain bikes from April onwards.

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