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Haibike Opens Design Centre In Munich


MUNICH, Germany – Early February the Winora Group (part of listed Accell Group) celebrated the opening of a Haibike Design Centre. Remarkably it isn’t based at the Winora Group headquarters in Sennfeld near Schweinfurt but in the Bavarian capital Munich.

Haibike Opens Design Centre In Munich
‘The metropolis of Munich is one of the most important design and media locations in Europe,’ states Winora Group CEO Susanne Puello. – Photo Haibike/Christoph-Bayer

According to Winora Group CEO Susanne Puello, “There are several reasons for establishing the Haibike Design Centre (HDC) in Munich. This metropolis is one of the most important design and media locations in Europe offering an advanced creative network. This also means that we can get high profile talents on board for Haibike on a long-term base.”

Austria, Switzerland and Italy

“Moreover the new 200 square meter design centre is a great location for us to increase our efforts on the Austrian, Swiss and Italian markets which become more and more important,” notes Puello. With the opening of the HDC Munich Winora took several renowned designers on board the team including Alexander Thusbass, known as the consultant who created Haibike’s most successful e-performance lines ‘Xduro’ and ‘Sduro’ as well as the ‘DealerCenter’ concept. The other new team members who are based at the HDC are Benjamin Turck and Piers Spencer-Phillips.

Alexander Thusbass will manage the HDC Munich as design director and is responsible for brand developing and marketing. As former senior industrial designer at sporting goods giant Adidas Benjamin Turck is responsible for the industrial design of all Haibike products.

Performance and e-performance lines

Native British Piers Spencer-Phillips previously worked for KTM Motorbike. As art director he was responsible for graphics and surface engineering development. At the HDC Munich the 39- year old was hired as lead designer responsible for both Haibike’s performance and e-performance lines.

Strategic product development

For a smooth communication flow between the HDC in Munich and Winora’s head office in Sennfeld designer Pauline Florczyk was appointed coordinator for design, product management and engineering teams. She is based at the company headquarters. Together with Sennfeld-based Haibike Senior R&D engineer Ingo Beutner and senior product manager Christian Malik she will handle strategic product developments.

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