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KMC Implementing 4.0 Production System


TAINAN, Taiwan – “In volume we provide 85% of the OEM market and 15% of the after-market,” said KMC vice-president marketing and sales Deborah Wu. “In turnover, the bicycle chain represents only 16% of our group’s turnover of €231 million. “28% is generated by the motorcycle chain business and 56% by the automotive industry and industrial applications of chains.”

KMC Implementing 4.0 Production System
“We certainly see new business opportunities in India and South America,” says KMC’s vice-president Deborah Wu. – Photo Bike Europe

With such a strong position in existing markets what is the future potential of the company? “We certainly see new business opportunities in markets like India and several South American countries,” says KMC’s Deborah Wu. “Our first important export market was the United States, soon followed by Europe. Year after year we manage to grow in volume and turnover. At the moment we employ approximately 4,500 people worldwide and this number is only declining thanks to an ongoing robotisation of our production.”

The future

KMC was founded in 1977 and engages in the manufacture and sale of bicycle and motorcycle chains, as well as sprockets. Today KMC runs one factory in Taiwan, seven in China, and one in Vietnam. In each factory KMC has implemented well-known production management systems such as TQM, TPS and TPM. The Taicang facility in China acts as one of KMC’s two global R&D centres.

To prepare these factories for the future the company is currently implementing the KMC 4.0 program which includes data collection and application, flexible and emergency management, automated production, intelligent operation system, instantaneous control, and a more efficient use of the human capital.

More on KMC in the January/February 2016 issue of Bike Europe.

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