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Trek Increases Focus on E-Bikes


HARTMANNSDORF, Germany – With the growing importance of the e-bike worldwide Trek has stepped up its efforts to lead this rapidly expanding category. The market leader in road and mountain bikes, is seeing substantial growth in retailer interest and consumer demand for Trek’s broad range of electric products.

Trek Increases Focus on E-Bikes
Trek’s Hartmannsdorf production facility operates 2 assembly lines, of which one is dedicated to e-bikes. – Photo Bike Europe

Trek’s R&D department of its European city bikes and city e-bikes is based in the Netherlands. In close collaboration with the company’s US headquarters, bikes are developed exclusively for the Benelux, German, Scandinavian, Swiss, and Austrian markets.

Trek operation

The Trek operations in mainland Europe are supported by its European Distribution Center in Wijchen and a factory in Hartmannsdorf in Germany. These investments in European design, distribution, and manufacturing, have allowed the brand to address the unique needs of European consumers and retailers quickly.

Gateway to EU market

“Trek is so much more than road and mountainbikes and we want people to understand that,” says Martin Sneeuw, media representative of Trek Benelux. “Trek offers a wide range of innovative products and our collections are adapted to the needs of the local markets in Europe.”

Trek’s gateway to the European market is the ‘Netherlands Central Inventory’ (NCI) distribution center in Wijchen, centrally located near the Dutch/German border. In January, at the time of our visit, the bikes reached to the ceiling, with more than 100,000 units, waiting for the sales season to take off. This 23,000 square meter warehouse handles 1,500 to 3,500 bicycles plus up to another 700 parcels with parts and accessories.

Trek’s NCI can handle all shipments within 24 or 48 hours, depending on the distance. The lead times for dealers and distributors further away from Wijchen, such as in Scandinavia and Italy, is from 48 to 72 hours at the maximum.

Trek’s production facility

The Hartmannsdorf production facility operates two assembly lines, of which one is dedicated to e-bike production. This says it all about the importance of the product category. The Hartmannsdorf factory is located between Leipzig and Dresden and has been part of Trek Bicycle since 2002.

The history of the Trek-owned Diamant factory goes back to 1882. The current facility was completed in 1996 and still looks very modern. The overall capacity of the factory is between 600 and 800 Diamant and Trek branded bikes per day. Despite its complexity, the assembly of an e-bike takes about one hour, including system checks.

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