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Cross-Party Parliamentary Support for Cycling in Italy


ROME, Italy – The foundation of a cross-party parliamentary group dedicated to two-wheeled mobility, is an important step forward in the promotion of both motorbikes and bicycles in Italy. The ‘Amici delle due ruote’ or ‘friend of the two-wheels’ was initiated by the member of parliament Vincenzo Garofalo and senator Erika Stefani.

Cross-Party Parliamentary Support for Cycling in Italy
Nibali was mentioned as one of the sportsmen who is an important driver for Italy’s national bicycle industry. – Photo Bike Europe

“Our aim is to support motorbikes and bicycles through legislative initiatives, meetings and events, in particular with attention to important issues for both categories, such as road safety, mobility, our national industry and the passion for sports,” stated Vincenzo Garofalo. “The first thing to do is to organize initiatives that can be put in place to promote mobility on two wheels and to make our roads safer for them. They are vulnerable in traffic and although the percentage of victims on two-wheels has decreased in the recent years, there is still a lot we can do to increase the safety standards”.

Promotion of the industry

The newly formed cross-party group gathers 45 senators and members of the Italian parliament who are all motorcycle or bicycle enthusiasts. Their final goal is to support and promote their national industry. “Throughout the time this industry has proven to be excellent and this must be rewarded,” Garofalo emphasized, “And also enhanced through a number of measures that would result in a significant contribution to the growth of the Italian companies involved. Our country is the third largest exporter of two-wheeled vehicles after China and Japan.”

According to the latest statistics of the industry organisation Confindustria and ANCMA, the Italian industry association for both motorcycles and bicycles, the combined sector generates an annual turnover of around 4 billion euro and employs about 50,000 workers.

Importance of sports

“Last but not least: thanks to the passion for sports on two wheels, famous riders such as Agostini, Franco Uncini, Valentino Rossi or road cyclists such as Bartali, Coppi, Gimondi, Pantani or Nibali carry the name of the Italian two-wheels around the world. We should safeguard these sports activities as it is an important drive for our national industry, Garofalo concluded”. Vincenzo Garofalo has been elected as President of the cross-party group while senator Erica Stefani is the group’s Vice President.


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