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Flanders’ Bike Valley Opens Wind Tunnel


BERINGEN, Belgium – Over 400 people attended the opening of the new building of Flanders’ Bike Valley last Friday. The big eye-catcher here is of course the bike dedicated wind tunnel. However, this bike valley is more than that.

Flanders’ Bike Valley Opens Wind Tunnel
The 35 meter long wind tunnel is the eye catcher at the Flanders’ Bike Valley. – Photo Bike Europe

“Office buildings and even incubators for start-ups and spin offs can be found elsewhere, but a wind tunnel is definitely exceptional,” says Marc Hufkens co-founder and chairman of Flanders’ Bike Valley (FBV). “The wind tunnel, with a surface of 600 square meters and 35 meters length, can generate wind speeds up to 108 km/h. The construction was developed by Delft University of Technology in cooperation with the Von Karman Institute.”

Centre of know-how

For the Flemish Minister for Mobility and Public Works, Ben Weyts, the importance of the wind tunnel is obvious: “We support the Bike Valley’s ambition to become the bicycle industry’s leading know-how centre. This bike valley in combination with Flanders’ road racing heritage makes it possible to put Belgium forward again as the high tech development centre in cycling.”

Open to anybody

The doors of the FBV will be open to anybody who is interested in visiting the businesses or perform tests in the wind tunnel. The FBV is focused on six primary aspects: networking hub for the industry and government, science and technology, sports, safety and healthcare as well as mobility and tourism. Today already 56 companies and organisations have become member of the FBV and more are expected to follow soon.


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