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FSA Opens New Vision Wheel Building Factory


TAICHUNG, Taiwan – FSA recently opened a new four-story factory which is fully dedicated to the production of Vision wheelsets, including the manufacturing of carbon rims.

FSA Opens New Vision Wheel Building Factory
A three-Spoke Wheels fresh out of the moulds in the new Vision factory. – Photo FSA

“We have integrated all stages of the wheel production starting from the hub, the rims and straight to wheel final assembly in one building in order to control all stages in the manufacturing process,” says FSA in a statement on the opening of the factory. “We think the Vision mission of pursuing cutting edge design and performance is of little importance if those designs are not made with the best raw materials in a state-of-the-art facility with uncompromising quality control.”

Wheel building machinery

After a comprehensive analysis of all available wheel assembly machines, FSA has chosen to work with Holland Mechanics for their new lacing, tensioning and wheel truing machines. “The use of these new semi-automatic machines mixed with the expertise of our mechanics and engineers guarantees the best possible assembly of our Vision wheels. With these new machines and new factory we will be able to double our production capacity and improve the quality at the same time.”

In the new building three floors are dedicated to wheel production and assembly, while the fourth floor is used for storage.

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