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Kind Shock to Expand Product Range


TAINAN, Taiwan – Known for their high end dropper seatposts for the MTB market, Kind Shock is quickly developing new products to improve its market position. In the past few years Kind Shock expanded its facility in Taiwan in order to grow its capacity for the production of new product categories.

Kind Shock to Expand Product Range
“Today we operate 14 workstations here in Tainan,” said Kind Shock president Martin Hsu. – Photo Bike Europe

Thanks to the many small-sized parts inside a dropper seatpost, the final assembly is done with fine precision not often seen in the bicycle industry. To avoid wear of the moving parts and still optimize its functionality the components inside the dropper seat posts are built to extremely strict tolerances.

Clean rooms for assembly

Not surprisingly the assembly room at Kind Shock Hi-Tech Company Ltd. looks like the clean rooms known from the electronics industry. White painted floors, walls and ceilings give this factory a spotless appearance. No stamping noise of heavy machines or forklifts driving around, but a calm atmosphere where each employee has his or her own desk assembling the dropper posts from start to finish. Recently the company invested substantially to expand the capacity in this factory.

“Today we operate 14 workstations here in Tainan,” explains Kind Shock president Martin Hsu. “Though the high end products are made in Taiwan, the mid-end comes from Kind Shock’s factories in Taicang City and Dongguan, both in China.”

From Shenzen to Dongguan

The Dongguan facility was opened last November to replace the 23 year-old factory in Shenzhen. All together Kind Shock produces 200,000 front shocks and 100,000 rear shocks every year of which 20% is ODM. According to Martin Hsu, “the North American and European market both generate 45% of our business thanks to a wide spread distributers network.”

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