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Unexpected Partners Resurrect Slovenian Rog Bikes


VELENJE, Slovenia – Rog Bikes are entering new era and will again be available on the home market in Slovenia and around Europe. Resurrection of the brand Rog is not a big surprise, but the new owner of the brand is!

Unexpected Partners Resurrect Slovenian Rog Bikes
Rog brand name was once well recognized in Balkan countries. - Photo Gorenje Group

That new owner of Rog Bikes is the Gorenje Group. This is one of the leading European home appliance manufacturers and one of the biggest Slovenian exporting companies.

Production high

Rog bikes’ first bicycles rolled off the production line in Ljubljana in 1953. The production high was reached at the end of the eighties when the company made about 350,000 bikes annually. After the collapse of Yugoslavia Rog struggled but found new strength under Elan Bikes. That company ended with a bankruptcy and the ownership of the Rog brand name changed hands several times since. However, none of the new owners managed to resurrect the once in Slovenia renowned brand name.

Strong Slovenian company

At least the chances of that successful resurrection are high as the Gorenje Group is one of the strongest Slovenian companies. It has an annual revenue of 1.2 billion euro and presence in 90 countries worldwide. They produce home appliances under the name Gorenje and several other brands. The company is based in Velenje, Slovenia, where they also have main manufacturing facility.

Rog’s revival is to start with a modern remake of the once legendary city bike Pony and later also with mountain bikes, road racers and e-bikes. Next year the first bicycles are to come off their own assembly line.

Inventors in Rog bikes

GOR Kolesa d.o.o. (‘GOR Bicycles’) is a start-up company of Gorenje, and will take over all operations for making Rog bikes. But they are not alone in this project – BTC City, the company behind Slovenia’s biggest shopping center, is also investing in the new bicycle company. BTC City is a big supporter of several cycling projects and is now also backing the vision of Slovenian made bicycles. The two partners have the knowledge, the resources and a vision, which presents the Rog brand name a strong base.

The Rog bikes will focus will be on the mid-segment of the market with models that are to stand out by quality and design. GOR Kolesa will be based in Velenje with assembly and R&D.

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