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New Shimano Europe HQ to Employ 200 People


EINDHOVEN, the Netherlands – The High Tech Campus in the south of the Netherlands is the location of Shimano Europe’s new HQ which will be opened in January 2017. This Shimano office should accommodate more than 200 employees. “Initially, in January, there will be around 150, but we expect to grow this number rapidly,” says Rudy Bouwmeester, Sports & Events Manager at Shimano Europe.

New Shimano Europe HQ to Employ 200 People
“Shimano’s Eindhoven office will become the most important one in Europe.” – Photo E52

“The new office will focus on the renewal of the existing product range and to design new ones,” writes the news website E52 in the interview with Bouwmeester. “The R&D will mainly concentrate on research. The real product development and production will continue to be done in Asia, at least for the next few years.”

According to Shimano Europe spokesperson Ben Hillsdon, “The Eindhoven office will become the most important one in Europe and coordinate all product improvements and development, also in close cooperation with athletes who are connected with Shimano via sponsor contracts.”

Why Eindhoven?

The Eindhoven area in the Netherlands is known for the presence of many high skilled and trained technical engineers as well as the location of a large number of R&D companies. For Shimano this was one of the main reason to move its European HQ. According to E52, “Shimano’s new European headquarters had to be located in an area that would guarantee’s the company’s innovative leadership in the field of biking, fishing and rowing equipment.”

Japanese board of directors

Another reason to choose for the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven is the vicinity of an airport unlike their current location in Nunspeet. It will substantially ease travelling from Japan to the European head office. “Members of the Japanese board of directors came over to see the High Tech Campus for themselves before the decision on the new location was taken,” says Rudy Bouwmeester on E52.

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