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Pon Presents Pon.Bike


ALMERE, the Netherlands – Pon Bicycle Group changes its name into Pon.Bike Group. Senior vice president Armin Landgraf has also presented a new logo and explains why Pon Holdings, as one of the biggest family-owned business in the Netherlands, re-started in bicycles.

Pon Presents Pon.Bike
Pon.Bike logo resembles the one that carried the Pon branded bicycles that were made in the 1898 to 1930 period. – Photo Pon.Bike

Pon has a long history in bicycles. The company started in 1900 with the import of Opel branded bicycles. Up to 1985 Pon branded bikes were made in Holland. Then in 2011, the take-over of Gazelle marked Pon’s re-start in bicycles.

Multi-billion business

Pon Holdings is one of the biggest family-owned business in the Netherlands. Long after Pon’s start in bicycles the company switched to the automotive sector, in which it has numerous operations, including being one of the last remaining independent importers of the Volkwagen Group brands Volkswagen, Porsche, Audi, Skoda, and Seat. Pon has grown into a multi-billion business, making the company over 3 times bigger than the largest company in bikes, which is Shimano. This background is one of the reasons for Pon to (re)start in cycling, as the company is financially able to “create scale in the fragmented global cycling market,” says Pon.Bike senior vice president Armin Landgraf.

‘Strategic fit’

That ability to ‘create scale’ Pon has proven since 2011 which started with the Gazelle (and Union) take-over. This was followed by the acquisition of Derby Cycle. This is the biggest bike manufacturer in Germany operating the brands: Focus, Kalkhoff, Univega and Rixe. After Derby, Cervélo and BBB Cycling (for P&A) were taken-over. The latest to join the Pon ranks is Santa Cruz, the ultra high-end brand in mountain bikes from the US.  Given Pon’s speed and dedication to the cycling industry we might still see further additions, even so the portfolio already assembles a well selected brand architecture.

Scale of Pon.Bike

Five years after the take-over of Gazelle the scale of Pon.Bike stands at an annual turnover of about € 600 million; an annual production level of 800,000 bicycles and e-bikes and a staff of 1,300.

In addition to the ability to create scale, Pon also stepped back into cycling because, as Armin Landgraf says, “The company is in mobility. With bicycles and e-bikes this is a high strategic fit. Another reason for stepping into cycling is because it presents us freedom to move. Being a manufacturer and brand owner makes it possible to choose your own identity as well as destiny.”

Pon Bike ‘umbrella’

Recently Armin Landgraf presented  the new logo of Pon.Bike (formerly named Pon Bicycle Group). That logo resembles the one that carried the Pon-branded bicycles that were made in the 1898 to 1930 period. Pon.Bike is the ‘umbrella’ under which the various brands are grouped.

On the goals that have been set for the Pon.Bike, Landgraf says, “Our global ambitions are being met with leading products in all segments of the cycling market; with ultimate brands for every community and by offering outstanding experiences at any touch point for any brand.”

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