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Vittoria Expands into E-Bike Sector


MADONE, Italy – Vittoria Industries Ltd. has acquired a stake in Zehus Srl; the Italian start-up that presented its first e-bike drive system at the 2014 China Cycle Show. With Zehus tyre maker Vittoria expands into the e-bike sector. The first Vittoria – Zehus rear motor-hubs are to be made at a new Taiwanese production line in September 2016.

Vittoria Expands into E-Bike Sector
Zehus BIKE+ rear motor-hub integrates motor, electronics, sensors, batteries and regenerates energy so there’s no need to recharge. – Photo Bike Europe

The Vittoria information does not say whether it acquired a majority of the Zehus shares. However, CEO Rene Timmermans clarified that Vittoria entered into a joint venture with Zehus for starting a new company. Vittoria would bring its knowlegde of the bike sector as well as distribution capabilities to the new company.

‘Smart wheels’

Vittoria is also investing in the Zehus e-bike drive system because, as the company says in a press release, “In the coming decades, the market for smart wheels will dramatically increase. This is true not only in developed markets where high demand already exists, but also in developing markets like China and India. Together with Zehus, Vittoria will create a complete product offering, consisting of a smart wheel system (Zehus all-in-one system, built in a Vittoria wheel), complete with Vittoria Graphene tyres, optimized as a perfect match for green urban mobility.”

New company

The Zehus drive system is regarded by Vittoria as an expansion of its current product range of tyres and wheels. With the Zehus read motorhub a smart wheel system can be offered tgo e-bike makers. This e-bike wheel system will be marketed on an OEM basis. For that Zehus and Vittoria will set up a new company (called VZ Industries Ltd.) in Taiwan for the production of Zehus power units. The first Zehus rear motorhubs are to be made at the new Taiwanese production line in September 2016.


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