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Accell Group to Facilitate Online Ordering by Consumers


HEERENVEEN, the Netherlands – Accell Group will facilitate increased online consumer sales for its brands. The holding company of bicycle companies worldwide announced this change in strategy at the presentation of its first half of 2016 results last Friday.

Accell Group to Facilitate Online Ordering by Consumers
Accell Group’s CEO René Takens announced an increased interest in online sales. – Photo Bike Europe

Accell’s press release on the company’s half year results says about the increased focus on online sales, “To enable the company to compete more effectively in the fight to win the favour of consumers in the future, Accell Group is currently tightening its strategy on the marketing and distribution fronts.”

Omni-channel strategies

The company statement continues, “To make sure Accell Group can continue to serve consumers effectively, omni-channel strategies will be necessary in many counties. Part of this plan is to make it easier for consumers to order bikes directly (online), often in cooperation with specialist retailers.”

Consumers’ brand experience

“Accell group also plans to stimulate the brand experience for consumers, with the ‘De Fietser’ (the cyclist) experience centre in the Netherlands as a trend-setting example of how to combine digital and physical brand experience. Bicycle sales via this channel will also continue to be in cooperation with specialist bike dealers.”

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