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Bafang Provides Dealers with Service Tool


WIJCHEN, the Netherlands – Bafang delivers the biggest number of motors to power e-bikes in Europe. The company’s European headquarter is located in Wijchen, the Netherlands) and Dutchman Jack Brandsen is General Manager for Europe. For e-bike drive systems Bafang is a flexible partner and retailers will come across Bafang systems on e-bikes more often. With that, the new dealer service tool comes in handy.

Bafang Provides Dealers with Service Tool
Jack Brandsen, Bafang GM Europe, ‘The introduction of a service tool for the European retail sector is part of our strategy to position Bafang even better in the middle and higher segments of the e-bike market’. – Photo Bike Europe

In 2015 Bafang sold over 500,000 e-bike motors in Europe alone. Still, the Chinese manufacturer not as well known as other competitive brands. This is caused by the fact that a lot of Bafang motors and/or systems are fitted as ‘white label’ components. In particular on e-bikes in a lower priced segment.

Bafang Europe is now targeting the medium and higher-priced segments with the Max Drive mid-motor system among others. With Max Drive (introduced in 2015) Bafang wants to steps up to these e-bike segments as well as to a European level.

Service tool for IBDs

Jack Brandsen notes, “We offer high-quality components which fully meet the European quality standards. We talk to more and more renowned European brands for having our system installed on their models. The introduction of our service tool for European retailers is also part of the strategy to profile ourselves even better.”

‘Bafang, the flexible partner’

What distinguishes Bafang from its competitors is the flexibility it offers. Brandsen says, “Our new tagline is: Bafang, the flexible partner for e bike systems. We are able and willing to adapt the technology and design of separate Bafang components to our partners wishes. As we, for example, did for the Dutch e-bike maker called Multicycle.”

BESST Service Tool

Bafang Europe is located in the Dutch town Wijchen, near Nijmegen. A service centre has been set up here. All after-sales activities for the complete European e-bike market are concentrated here together with a stock of (replacement) parts. Dealer training will also be held here.

Exclusively for IBDs

The newly developed service tool is intended exclusively for IBDs and for complete Bafang systems, the battery is (usually) excluded. The complete drive system includes the usual parts; motor, display, HMI, sensors and control unit.

Reading out battery-data with service tool

When the system is equipped with a battery, delivered by a ‘Bafang preferred partner’ – like HiTech – it is even possible to read out the battery-data with the service tool. By the way, the service took is called BESST which stands for Bafang E-mobility Sales & Service Tool. The tool functions like similar service tools: by means of an application for which Bafang provides the dealer with an account to get access to the service tool.

Brand is leading

Brandsen emphasizes the role of the brand that delivers the e-bike. “The brand is the leading party here. When working with a separate assembly partner, the brand hands over the rights to that party in order to enable to load all data of the bicycle into the BESST system. It is up to the brand again to release that data to the dealer. If required, access to several brands can be put into one log-in, as a time saver for dealers.”

The development of BESST is continuing and in the near future a consumer app will be developed. It will enable cyclists to adjust the Bafang drive system on their bikes to their own individual needs.

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