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LETOHRAD, Czech Republic – The Czech company Agentura REPRO Ltd. develops, produces and sells a unique processor controlled device which allows reducing or cutting off the e-bike motorpower during shifting. Now the is compatible with more mid-drive units. Expands Presence and Products continues to works on expanding compatibility further with other European, US and Asian manufacturers of mid-drive units. – Photo

In MY2016 was used by approximately 20 brands around the world. For example the Cycleurope brands Kildemoes and Puch as well as Multicycle, M1 Sporttechnik, Ordica, O2feel, Qwic, Diavelo, Lectric Cycles, Axevo, Bikkel, E-move, Amslod and others.

For the coming MY2017 more brands will start using For example the Accell Group brands Sparta and Batavus are going to use for their ION mid-drive system. Also the brand A2B will use for their mid-drive e-bike models. Some more brands will introduce during or right after the Eurobike show.

During 2016, was also getting more popular on the conversion kit markets. Currently it is sold in approximately 20 countries on the aftermarket, mainly for Bafang BBS conversion kits.

A significant part of the production is delivered to Chinese and Taiwanese OEM factories, mainly producing for the European, North American and Australian markets. is compatible with the below listed mid-drive units:

  • Ananda
  • Bafang Max drive
  • Bafang BBS (BBS01, BBS02, BBSHD)
  • binova flow
  • Bofeili
  • cleanmobile
  • Dapu
  • Ebond
  • Egoing system (Cycle Europe)
  • MPF drive
  • Multicycle M-Drive with ICE technology
  • Shengyi

Currently works on expanding the compatibility further with other European, US and Asian manufacturers of mid-drive units. Newly compatible drive units will be gradually announced on

Moreover is preparing long-term projects with companies from the automotive sector. In addition to that, there are currently projects in progress with European e-bike OEMs.

During 2017 will introduce some new products. The first will be GSGI ( with Gear Indication), which has the extra gear indicating function. This new product will also have the same function as the existing product which means cutting off/reducing the motor power during shifting. The gear indication function provides extra information for optimizing the motor behavior and motor power according to gear position, including energy saving. In addition, by using new GSGI, the gear indication can now be digitally displayed to increase user comfort.

The second product to be launched next year will be GSWL (Gear Sensor Wireless). This product is wireless version of existing gearsensor. No cable connection exists between gearsensor and mid-drive unit controller. There is no need for preparation of wireless connectivity between GSWL and mid-drive unit controller which is very important. GSWL includes its own wireless receiver which can be connected to the mid-drive unit controller by a standard connector like Higo, Julet, JST, KST and others.

Currently sensor is mass produced.

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