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Mid-Motor Brand Cleanmobile Turns into TQ


SEEFELD, Germany – The TQ Group, a drive technology and industrial electronics specialist, will be offering its high-performance mid-drive motors for e-bikes and cargo e-bikes in the future under the umbrella brand name of TQ. The former brand name of Cleanmobile will no longer be used.

Mid-Motor Brand Cleanmobile Turns into TQ
At Eurobike TQ Group presents its newest mid-drive motor named TQ 120 S (for sports e-bikes) and the TQ 120 C (for cargo e-bikes). – Photo TQ

The TQ Group acquired the assets of its former customer Cleanmobile after its insolvency in 2011. TQ Group integrated it into a new-founded e-mobility division of which Cleanmobile was the brand name used for electric drivetrains for e-bikes and light electric vehicles (LEVs).

On skipping the Cleanmobike brand name says Dr. Christian Becker, manager of the e-mobility division of TQ Drives, “For us, the name change is the next logical step of tying our drive or its perceived image to our parent company to a greater degree. TQ stands for ‘Technology and Quality’ and this is precisely what our drive combines. For this reason, we decided to use the power of the umbrella brand name even more.”

Also there are technical reasons for switching to the TQ name, “The TQ drive system has been developed further in the last two years. And even so that it can no longer be compared with the original Cleanmobile drive,” says Becker.

At Eurobike the TQ Group will be presenting its newest mid-drive motor named TQ 120 S (for sports e-bikes) and the TQ 120 C (for cargo e-bikes) with many changes including new solutions for connectivity and design integration. The TQ 120 S and the TQ 120 C offer 120 Nm and a maximum power output of 920W. TQ Drives claims to offer the most powerful mid-drive motors for electric bikes and speed e-bikes as well as cargo e-bikes. The TQ motors are manufactured entirely in Germany.

About the TQ Group:

The TQ Group employs a staff of 1,400 at 13 sites (11 x Germany, 1 x Switzerland, 1 x China). Through the combination of electronics services and finished system components, TQ offers customer-specific products as ODM products and thereby addresses customers who would like to receive finished products and at the same time benefit from the advantages of a customer-specific solution. ODM products include finished electronic, mechanical and software components including certification and licenses.

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