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New Milestone for JCDecaux’s Vélib


PARIS, France – The Paris’ bike sharing scheme Vélib has reached a new milestone. It passed the 300,000 long-term subscribers mark.

New Milestone for JCDecaux’s Vélib
Each minute 75 Vélib bicycles are rented in Paris. – Photo JCDecaux

Since its launch in 2007 Vélib has turned into a popular means of transportation for tourists as well as local Parisians. Currently the Vélib bicycles in Paris are rented on a scale that goes beyond 1 rented bike per second.

292 million rentals since launch

Each minute 75 Vélib bicycles are rented in Paris. According to JCDecaux, the world’s biggest in outdoor advertising that uses the Vélib docking stations across Paris for its billboards, each Vélib bike is rented on average about six times a day. JCDecaux, that operates the Paris’ public bike scheme, claims more than 292 million rentals since the launch in 2007. By the way, Vélib’s are made by Accell Group as well as Orbita.

E-Vélib prototype

On reaching the new Vélib milestone Jean-Charles Decaux, Chairman and Co-CEO of JCDecaux, said, “In designing a mode of travel differing and complementary to all transport modes on offer in cities, we are meeting the sustainable needs of local communities. Our number one position in the world of public bike schemes motivates us also to continually think about the next generation of Vélib’s.” That next generation is likely to be an e-Vélib. A first prototype was shown by JCDecaux at the Velo-city of 2015 in Nantes, France.

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