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Stromer Takes Technology Top-Down with ST1 X


OBERWANGEN, Switzerland – E-bike manufacturer Stromer is taking its high-end OMNI technology to all model ranges for model year 2017. It is already standard in the top ST2 class and the flagship ST2 S, but will now also be available on the now the ST1 class.

Stromer Takes Technology Top-Down with ST1 X
The ‘X’ in Stromer’s new ST1 X stands for ‘cross over’. – Photo Stromer

“We want to bring together our core competences in our full product range and secure our role as the industry’s trendsetter while keeping up our concept that, ‘we start where others stop’,” the Swiss e-bikes manufacturer states in a press release.

ST1 X ‘cross over’

The ‘X’ in Stromer’s new ST1 X stands for ‘cross over’. The technology and design of the ST2 top model range is now crossing over into the e-bike manufacturer’s entry-level class. This major features include the well-known connectivity and the exclusive OMNI app providing navigation, fine-tuning of the drive system, and fully integrated theft protection.

Upgrading ST1 X

The ST1 X has also been upgraded in terms of power, range, and frame design. It includes Stromer’s in-house developed Cyro motor which, “propels the rider with a top performance of a whopping 35 Nm. The strong 618Wh battery allows ranges of up to 120 km, making the bike a true alternative when it comes to modern commuting,” as Stromer calls it.

Clean design refined again

“It has also been or aim to bring a clean design package making the e-bikes as elegantly and athletically as possible. That is why the ST1 X frame, just like the ST2, includes the touch display and the majority of the wiring. A further refinement of the aesthetics comes with the 1×11 speed shifting system, which requires only a single chain ring one derailleur and shift lever. Reduction thus mitigates complexity and improves design without harming performance.

The recommended retail price of the ST1 X is 4,990 euro.

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