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Pon.Bike Acquires Dutch Mobile Service Provider


ALMERE, the Netherlands – Pon.Bike is in the Netherlands to provide even more service to in particular ‘business’ cyclists; people that commute by bike. For that the Dutch holding of various bicycle companies has acquired the Dutch company FietsNED. This is a (mobile) service provider that assists cyclists ‘en route’ and in trouble on a 24/7 base.

Pon.Bike Acquires Dutch Mobile Service Provider
FietsNED is service provider that assists stranded business cyclists. – Photo FietsNED

Pon.Bike aims to concentrate even more on such ‘business’ cyclists and their employers. Currently the business costumers whom FietsNED says to service are amongst others Shell, Unilever, the Dutch Ministry of Defence, Domino’s Pizza, Schiphol Airport etcetera. According to Pon.Bike this number will grow as more and more companies encourage their employees to switch from cars to bicycles and e-bikes for commuting.

‘Mobility vision’

Encouraging employees to switch to cycling for commuting  is often part of the mobility vision of companies that consider sustainability an important  theme. People that cycle to their offices are generally more energetic and have less sick-days. For this reason more and more companies in several countries, amongst which the Netherlands, offer attractive bicycle and e-bike lease constructions. (Mobile) service as delivered by FietsNED is thus of great added value for both employees and employers.

‘Enhancing business demand bicycle leasing’

“The bicycle is as a product getting more complex. In addition we see that business clients have higher demands, especially for bigger bike fleets. They want turn-key, all-inclusive (including maintenance) contracts. With the FietsNED support employers are assured that their employees are always able to use their bikes to commute to work. Such extra services will enhance the business demand for bicycle leasing,” explains Pon.Bike’s CEO Armin Landgraf.

For stranded cyclists

Pon.Bike boss Landgraf adds, “The brands that are in the Pon.Bike portfolio guarantee excellent bicycles and accessories. Since ages our dealers offer the service that can be expected at and after purchasing a product. They will continue to do so. FietsNED is the company for providing service to get business cyclists in trouble back on track.”

‘Ultimate e-bike proposition for business markets’

FietsNED CEO and founder Martin Leemans is confident that the acquisition will contribute to the further growth of the mobile service provider. “Through Pon.Bike we connect the FietsNED service with a strong bicycle brand portfolio and opportunities for financing and leasing. This allows us to offer the ultimate e-bike proposition for the business market.”

FietsNED remains located in Oosterhout, the Netherlands and retains its independence. Founder Martin Leemans will remain as Managing Director and will develop FietsNED further in cooperation with Pon.Bike.

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