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TranzX Option for Speed E-Bikes: M25GTS


BAD NAUHEIM, Germany – M25GTS is the new TranzX powerful mid-motor for speed pedelecs also called speed e-bikes. It’s a compact power pack that can be integrated unobtrusively in the frame and stands out for its extremely silent operation; 70dB max.

TranzX Option for Speed E-Bikes: M25GTS
M25GTS has 400 Watt power output and maximum torque of 70 Nm which make it especially suited for speed e-bikes. – Photo TranzX

The M25GTS is a high-torque mid-motor of the latest generation and generates a power delivery comparable with much larger e-bike drives. It has a 400 Watt power output and a maximum torque of 70 Nm. This allows a speed of up to 45 km/h before the engine smoothly switches off.


TranzX’s M25GTS weighs just 3.99 kg and comes with the latest LogiXtechnology. This diagnostic program, based on the leading CAN bus (Controller Area Network) technology, enables the automatic detection of errors and irregularities and reports them immediately.

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