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‘Mate’ Bikes Offers New Drive for Danish Market


COPENHAGEN, Denmark – ‘Mate’ looks like a fairy tale story that could offer new impulses for the Danish bicycle sector with new ways and fresh ideas. The start-up just completed its crowdfunding campaign with impressive results as it resulted in the raising of 3 million euro in start capital. With it a full suspension folding e-bike is to hit the Danish and global bicycle market.

‘Mate’ Bikes Offers New Drive for Danish Market
Mate e-folders come after crowdfunding campaign that raised 3 million euro. - Photo Mate

Mate already managed to break records as with the 3 million euro raised the company is the most successful Danish crowdfunding project ever. Something that didn’t go unnoticed in Denmark as it got national prime time TV coverage.

Copenhagen development

Christian Adel Michael (27) and Julie Kronstroem (38) are the entrepreneurs behind Mate. First ideas for an electric folding bikes evolved two years ago after an inspirational trip to China where they met with e-bikes. In Copenhagen further development took place.

Global market entry

Mate e-folders are to be produced in China and first deliveries are expected to arrive in Denmark before Christmas. Next step is to get the bike onto the global market early next year.

Amazon distribution

Mate e-folders are to be distributed through IBDs and through Amazon that contacted the young Danish company recently. The full suspension folding bike Mate comes in four colours at, “Very competitive prices. At around price points that normally go for regular (non electrical) urban bicycles.”

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