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Adjusting Tyre Pressure While Cycling


EDE, the Netherlands – The Velotto is an integrated system to adjust the tyre pressure of a MTB, Beach racer or a Fat bike. The prototype was presented at this autumn’s Bike Motion Benelux show in the Netherlands.

Adjusting Tyre Pressure While Cycling
Adjust the tyre pressure while riding with the Velotto. – Photo Velotto

Product developer Kees-Jan Otto, who is an enthusiastic racer at off-road events like beach races, expects the Velotto-system to be available by early 2017. In the rally competition scene, like Le Dakar, the use of systems to adjust the tyre pressure of cars and motorcycles is common practice.

CO-2 cartridge

For the Velotto a CO-2 cartridge is mounted on the bicycle frame. To change the pressure the cartridge is connected with tubes via the hubs and rims. The pressure in the front and the rear tyre can be adjusted with two separate switches on the handlebar.

The final version of the Velotto will come with two LCD displays showing the tyre pressure for both wheels, though this feature was not yet shown on the prototype.

Currently Kees-Jan Otto is doing market research to find out the potential of this product and if the market is ready for the Velotto. Nevertheless Otto will start supplying the Velotto in 2017 in two options. It will come as a set of hubs and switches but also as a complete wheel set. The price of both options is not yet available.

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