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Bizarre? Performance Wear Made with Coffee


SIDNEY, Australia – Does it smell of coffee? Apparently not, despite the fact that it is made coffee enhanced with recycled materials. Bizarre is also that the OORR performance wear is made with ‘Frog Skin’ nanotechnology.

Bizarre? Performance Wear Made with Coffee
Performance wear with with coffee and frogskin. Photo OORR

At least the named features are presented by Tim Christian, founder and director of OORR performance wear. He has just launched a Kickstarter, “Aimed at the performance cyclist, and changing the world for good.”

Eco friendly

According to Christian, “In a nutshell, it’s Activewear and Cycling Apparel with everything made to compete on quality, fit and price, but to do so in an Eco friendly way, and contribute to a Children’s Charity in South Africa. There’s Coffee, Frog Skin nanotechnology, Plastic bottles, Pro athletes, and research on human pschology involved.”

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