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Hebie Acquires Metal Processing Company


BIELEFELD, Germany – In a strategic orientation German component maker Hebie decided to discontinue its product range luggage carriers for after-market sales. At the same time Hebie announced the acquisition of German metal processing company Koch.

Hebie Acquires Metal Processing Company
‘Hebie is no longer able to position to provide all services that go with AM sales for luggage carriers.’ – Photo Bike Europe

“The main reason to stop AM sales of this specific product range is that Hebie will no longer be in the position to provide all the services that go with AM sales from one location,” says the company in a press release. In the same statement, the company points out that the OEM business for luggage carriers will be continued.

No longer profitable

Hebie points out that its AM business for luggage carriers was no longer profitable. “The strategic orientation also includes expansion to other markets. Therefore we acquired the German metal processer Koch. This company will be integrated into the Bielefeld site and significantly enhances Hebie’s manufacturing expertise.”

“In line with our philosophy this company focusses on high-end products of a consistent quality while Koch also brings many years of experience in aluminum and stainless steel processing. “

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