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Cycleurope Starts E-Bike Production in Sweden


VARBERG, Sweden – The Cycleurope factory in Sweden has opened its first assembly line for e-bikes. “It is more profitable to start e-bike production locally instead of importing them from Taiwan,” said Tony Grimaldi, President and CEO of Cycleurope this week.

Cycleurope Starts E-Bike Production in Sweden
Cycleurope expects an annual output of its Varberg factory of e-bikes of 20,000 or even 30,000 units. - Photo Streetview

The e-bike is gradually gaining market share on the Nordic markets, including Sweden. Even for mobility in the country’s capital the e-bike is becoming an alternative to cars. “We expect a production of 8,000 units in 2017,” explained Grimaldi in a report this week in the regional Swedish newspaper ‘Hallands Nyheter’. According to the report the Varberg facility has an output of 100,000 bicycles annually.

Number of employees to grow

“In the future it will even get bigger than we think. We are just a the beginning of the e-bike boom in Sweden and I expect our annual e-bike output to grow to 20,000 or even 30,000 units.” In Varberg Cycleurope employs some 150 people and Grimaldi thinks to grow this even further thanks to the e-bike success.

Confidence in future

“The investment in the e-bike assembly line which not only includes tooling and machinery, comes with additional training of the staff as well,” adds Tony Grimaldi. “For example the electronic system of each e-bike will be tested when it comes of the assembly line. The introduction of an all new kind of product to be assembled in this factory also gives employees a greater confidence in the future of our company.”

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