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New Slovenian Bike Producer Launches Legend


VELENJE, Slovenia – The Pony is a legendary bike, a classic for cyclists and commuters in Slovenia. Then produced by Rog Bikes and exported around the world, it represented the peak of at the time Yugoslavian bicycle industry. The New Pony is the first bicycle produced by GOR Kolesa (Gorenje bicycles).

New Slovenian Bike Producer Launches Legend
The New Pony comes in a Classic or Sport version. - Photo Žiga Intihar

GOR Kolesa d.o.o., is a joint venture by BTC Cit and Gorenje Group; one of the leading European home appliance manufacturers and one of the biggest Slovenian exporting companies. Bicycle production is expected to start in February 2017. The first 500 produced bicycles will have a plate with production numbers and custom Brooks saddle.


Rok Lesjak, general manager of GOR Kolesa has clear ambitions, “We will first target markets where Rog and Pony were big and people recognize the brand. Marketing campaigns in Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia have already started. But we really aim for the whole European Union and also other global markets.”

The New Pony is full of nostalgia and features we know from the past: low frame, an optional integrated rear rack, vibrant colours, one size for everybody, etc. The frame also has folding option for easy storage, something that was not really used often with the original Pony. Compared to the steel tubes of the original Pony, the new one is made of aluminium.

Slovenian design

A lot of design work had also gone into ergonomics to make this bicycle more suitable for longer distances and for wider range of people. The New Pony was developed and will be built in Slovenia.

Rok Lesjak adds, “We want to preserve the good brand name, this is why we put in a lot of effort to make it a high quality product. It will be also assembled here. Currently we have 28 different models available and in the future we will also add an e-bike version. We will continue to invest in development as this is crucial for future of the brand.”


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