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Accell Launches E-Bike Motor with Integrated 5-Speed Gear Hub


APELDOORN, the Netherlands – In its search for new e-bike users Accell Group offers a rear hub motor that features a neatly integrated 5-speed gear hub. What’s, apart from the technology, also striking is the e-bike price segment that this new motor is targeting.

Accell Launches E-Bike Motor with Integrated 5-Speed Gear Hub
Exploded view of new e-bike motor. Sturmey-Archer’s 5-speed IHG is shown at right side in front of three mounting bolts. – Photo Accell

The new rear hub motor Accell Group is launching for 2017 has a built-in internal hub gear (IHG) made by Sunrace Sturmey-Archer. This 5-speed has been especially developed for e-bikes. It’s as one complete unit integrated in the motor. The SA IHG is shown in the exploded view at the right side in front of the three mounting bolts.

Gear ratio

The new motor is a direct drive offering 40Nm of torque. Direct drive is in 3rd gear while the total gear ratio of the 5-speed stands at 242%. According to Accell this gear ratio is targeted to city use. “For sports use the cadence will be probably on the high side.” However, this new motor offers the possibility of combined use with a disc brake.

Extensive testing

In the past there have been other brands that fitted e-bike motors with built in internal hub gears. In a number of cases these met with serious problems. It will be clear that Europe’s biggest in e-bikes wants to avoid that. That’s why this new motor has been extensively tested in a laboratory environment. Next to that daily life tests took place for close to one year.

Not an ION motor

Accell Group is using the new motor in the 2017 Sparta R 5e. That’s a city bike that’s being introduced for a retail price of about € 2,000. According to Accell this price level already indicates that not an ION motor is used here. The company says, “However, it’s a motor offering the silent and direct drive ION characteristics. This price point is important to us as we want to strengthen our position in this part of the e-bike market.”

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