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Dispute Over Ownership Vogue Brand


ZAANDAM, the Netherlands – The sales agency Europe Cycle Company based in the Netherlands and the Turkish bicycle factory Bimas Bisiklet Motosiklet argue about the proprietorship of the successful bike brand Vogue.

Dispute Over Ownership Vogue Brand
Uncertainty about Vogue brand ownership creates a lot of discussion between business partners ECC and Bimas. - Photo ECC Bimas

The clash between the two companions was confirmed by Adil Otmani of the Europe Cycle Company (ECC). “Just like every marriage has its occasional discussions, the partners ECC and Bimas are currently discussing the Vogue brand ownership.”

Under the name ECC-Bimas NV, the company distributes the Vogue, Highlander, Troy and Avant labelled bicycles labelled on the Dutch market. The partnership ECC- Bimas NV was founded in 2014 aiming to grow their market share on the European and the Turkish city bike and e-bike markets.

Two sellers

“It is not yet clear how the future of this cooperation will look like,” Adil Otmani continues. “Both companies might want to continue their partnership.”

A consequence of the dispute is that both ECC and Bimas Bisiklet Motosiklet currently sell bicycles under the brand name Vogue. The fact that two suppliers are distributing bicycles with similar brand names on the market creates a lot of uncertainty among dealers.

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