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MIFA’s Farewell to Being Volume Maker


SANGERHAUSEN, Germany – The multiple financial troubles of bicycle manufacturer MIFA in the past years made the new management decide to change the strategy of the company drastically. For many years MIFA wanted to be leading in Europe volume wise. That’s no longer the company’s ambition.

MIFA’s Farewell to Being Volume Maker
‘We are no longer focused to become biggest bicycle factory in Europe,’ said MIFA’s restructurings manager. – Photo Bike Europe

“We are not focused on large volumes on becoming the biggest bicycle factory in Europe,” said MIFA’s restructuring manager Joachim Voigt-Salus earlier this week. “In the future MIFA will be operating on a much smaller scale and level of ambitions.” Media publications in Germany stated that the company has been investing too much time and money in establishing the conditions for mass production. A technology boost would be necessary for the survival of the bicycle factory.

Grow IBD business

It is not unlikely that this is exactly what the stepped down CEO and investor Heinrich von Nathusius had in mind for MIFA on the long term. However, time proofed to be too short to accomplish this new market approach. In an interview that Bike Europe had with Heinrich von Nathusius last May he said, “To grow our IBD business and to cover more price categories next to Steppenwolf and Grace we will introduce the entry-level brand Vaun this summer which will include bicycles in all categories.”

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Production to 50,000 bikes per month

For the moment MIFA’s restructurings manager is focused on keeping the recently started production in the new factory running. According to Voigt-Salus, “They have to increase the production to about 50,000 bicycles a month from February onwards to meet delivery conditions and customer demands.”

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