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Tern Donates One Day Profit to ‘Planet Campaign’


TAICHUNG, Taiwan – Tern believes that keeping the planet a livable place is something that everybody can get behind. And tomorrow on January 20, inauguration-day in the USA is going to be a significant day. “One that brings momentous changes to efforts to preserve our planet,” as Tern calls it in a press release.

Tern Donates One Day Profit to ‘Planet Campaign’
Tern will be hosting a sales event on January 20. – Photo Tern

That’s the reason why Tern will be hosting a sales event on January 20 and donating 100% of its profits to the National Resources Defense Council (NRDC), a US based organization that is fighting to protect our planet’s resources.

Why inauguration-day?

The NRDC states on its website that: “President-elect Donald Trump has promised to expand oil and gas drilling, kill the Clean Power Plan and roll back some of our most fundamental environmental protections. It’s up to us to show President Trump that we are ready to act, in and out of court, against any attempts to derail the progress we have made and force us down a path toward climate chaos. Urge Trump not to threaten our wildlife and wild places or reverse our progress in fighting climate change, and tell him that you are ready to fight his administration’s disastrous plans every step of the way.”

Anybody who buys him or herself a Tern bike or gear and does so, supports the work of the NRDC.

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