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Eurofender Expands Product Line, Website and Production


Eurofender, known for its high quality extrusion fenders introduces the ‘Scatto’ system, a completely new website and announces an expansion of their production plant in Padova, Italy.

Eurofender Expands Product Line, Website and Production
Scatto components.

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The Scatto system is a Dutch design that simplifies the assembly of bicycle fenders making it a much quicker and easier to process. The position of the external rod on the fender makes the Scatto very suitable for the wider tires that are so popular now on (e) – bikes.

The recent launch of the Scatto system was the perfect opportunity to completely revamp the Eurofender website. The website now offers a clear overview of all fenders, the different mounting systems, colours and finishes. The new website is fully responsive which means it is optimized for desktop computers, tablets and smart phones. Have a look at

Produced in Italy

Eurofender was founded in 2009 by the current CEO, Alberto Silvestri. Thanks to personal attention, consistent quality and great attention to detail, Eurofender continued to grow over the past couple of years. To accommodate the growth and expand their capacity, Eurofender will increase their production plant in March 2017 with additional machines. All fenders are produced in Italy by a steady and experienced team. The options and possibilities are (almost) endless. Some might think a fender is nothing more than a necessary part on a bicycle but for Eurofender it is a continuous quest to the optimum combination of functionality and design.

Eurofender works closely with international bicycle manufacturers to offer the best custom product for their brand. Eurofender designs and realizes intelligent and stylish mudguards for riding in wet conditions. Light and efficient, equipped with all the accessories necessary to mount the fender to the bicycle. Available in various colours to create a perfect match with the bicycle. Whether you are looking for a smart fender solution for an e-bike or a lightweight fender for a sporty bike, Eurofender has the rock solid fender for you.

Short lead times

Since Eurofender is based in northern Italy and they produce everything themselves, they can guarantee short lead times and speedy deliveries to European bicycle manufacturers. Eurofender also offers all popular models as aftermarket products which are sold through wholesalers.

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