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Look Cycle and SRM to Develop Joint Products


NEVERS, France – Two leading parts and components manufacturers, Look Cycle and SRM announce a strategic partnership. “Look and SRM will cooperate in the creation, developing and marketing innovative products and services, both on composite and electronics,” announced the two companies in a common statement.

Look Cycle and SRM to Develop Joint Products
The Origin was the first joint project of Look and SRM. – Photo SRM

Look Cycle, which develops and manufactures its products and frames in its own workshops, will contribute its long-term know-how on composites to further enhance SRM product offering. SRM, inventor of the power meter system for cycling, will contribute its years of experience in electronics systems and data handling to expand Look’s product range in the future.

Modular concept

The first joint project is a sophisticated carbon crank arm for the SRM Origin PowerMeter. The Origin, named for having all components designed by SRM, including the original PowerMeter, was introduced at Eurobike 2016. It is a modular-concept PowerMeter offering limitless compatibility with exchangeable spindles designed to accommodate road, mountain, and track frames.

Thanks to Look’s input in the Origin project, the PowerMeter will feature the highest calibre carbon crank arms. The Look Trilobe Technology allows one crank arm to function in three lengths; 170mm, 172.5mm, 175mm.

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