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Accell Group Comments on Susanne Puello Leaving Winora Group


SCHWEINFURT, Germany – Yesterday Susanne Puello, long-standing Managing Director of the Winora Group, announced to leave the Accell Group subsidiary. A press release says “She has resigned her post of her own free will and with immediate effect.” Today Accell Group CEO René Takens reacted to Bike Europe on her unexpected departure.

Accell Group Comments on Susanne Puello Leaving Winora Group
Winora Group MD Susanne Puello pictured here at Sea Otter 2016. – Photo Bike Europe

That Susanne Puello left the Winora Group which she managed to turn into a very successful company thanks to the introduction of (among others) the Haibike e-Performance range of e-MTBs has everything to do with what Accell Group calls its “refined strategy”. The press release on her leaving the company says on that “The reason for Susanne Puello’s resigning are irreconcilable differences regarding the new reorganization activities (“refined strategy”) of the Dutch Accell Group.”

Family business

Susanne Puello, granddaughter of the company’s founder, furthers in her press release with “After an unprecedented success story, I leave the company with a heavy heart. Until the last minute, Winora Group was characterized by the charm of a family business, of close ties to the specialist retail industry, distributors and suppliers. Starting today, however, I will look for new challenges.”

Next phase in Accell’s development

Accell Group CEO René Takens comments on this with “We have taken note of her departure and like to express our appreciation for the manner in which she has led Winora for many years.”

On the question if he could say more on the reasons for Puello’s exit related to the “refined strategy” of Accell Group Takens says “We are at the start of the next phase in Accell Group’s development. As the world is changing, we have to change too. I want to leave it at that.”

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