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Fairly Bike Gets Facelift to Meet the Future


TAIPEI, Taiwan – At last week’s Taipei Cycle Fairly Bike Manufacturing Company gathered the international bicycle industry to celebrate their 40th anniversary. A milestone that allowed to look back on four decades of almost continuous growth and, at the same time, called for facing new challenges.

Fairly Bike Gets Facelift to Meet the Future
Fairly Bike celebrated its 40th anniversary at last week’s Taipei Cycle. Here the company announced a multi-million US dollar investment. - Photo Susanne Brüsch

The Fairly Bike party took place on March 22nd at the Hyatt Hotel in Taipei. In his opening speech President Percy Chien addressed around 170 guests from the industry on where Fairly comes from and where the company is heading for in times that the bike business is facing big changes.

Among Taiwan’s biggest bicycle manufacturers, Fairly Bike started out as a small family-run business founded by Masao Chien in 1977. Today, Taipei-based Fairly Bike supplies twelve international bicycle and e-bike brands with high-tech products, and has grown to four factories with a production capacity of 110,000 complete bikes annually, 15% of which are electric. In his welcome address, Masao Chien thanked the industry for making this achievement possible.

Future challenges

“40 years also means to face the challenges and get ready for the future,” said Fairly Bike founder son Percy Chien. “We need to re-energize, re-position ourselves and lift our production to the next level.”

The first big step in that challenge has already been taken by moving the company’s administration and R&D department into a newly renovated building in Taipei’s Tucheng District. The new 3-story office building covers 3,000m² and required an investment of USD 1.5 million. It got ready just before Taipei Cycle Show started.

Renovation of production facility

In a next major effort, which needs another investment of USD 2 million over the next two years, the painting and production facility will be entirely renovated and re-structured to maximize assembly space and increase the Fairly Bike production capacity. Percy Chien explained that a key aspect in this process is the construction of a new factory exhaust system using environmentally friendly technology. “Protecting our environment is a key challenge of our times and an important part of Fairly Bike’s facelift that touches our focus, facility and products.”

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