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India’s Saddle Maker Big Ben Starts Reflector Production


LUDHIANA, India – India’s prominent bicycle saddle manufacturer is branching out into reflectors. For that Big Ben is setting-up a dedicated plant in Ludhiana, India for which the company says to be investing about USD 1 million.

India’s Saddle Maker Big Ben Starts Reflector Production
Big Ben India management. – Photo Satnam Singh

Big Ben showed its first reflectors for bicycles at India’s annual bicycle show CFOSE (India International Cycle, Fitness & Outdoor Sports Expo) which took place from 3 to 5 March, 2017. According to Tejvinder Singh, Director Big-Ben Exports, the company’s new plant will be capable of producing reflectors for 16,000 bicycles per day.

Mandatory reflectors

That Big Ben is investing in reflectors has all to do with recent regulations by the Road Safety Committee on the directions of Supreme Court of India. These government institutions made it mandatory to install a set of ten reflectors with international quality on made in India bicycles. The new reflectors must meet the ISO 6742-2:2015 standard ‘Cycles – Lighting and retro-reflective devices’ as well as IS 10613 (2004): ‘Cycles – Safety requirements for bicycles’ from the Bureau of Indian Standards.

Since Indian companies do not manufacture high quality reflectors, Indian bicycle manufactures are forced to source reflectors from Chinese and Taiwanese manufactures. “We have become the first company in India to start the reflector production as per new standard,” said Tejvinder Singh.

Expanding saddle production

Next to reflectors Big Ben is also expanding its saddle production for which the company says to have installed machinery imported from Italy. That additional saddle production should arrive at the company’s customers in Europe from an to open warehouse in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

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