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Bafang Brings New Mid-Motors for Lower Price Segments and for E-MTBs


TAIPEI, Taiwan – Next to a strategic investment of over € 10 million in its own battery production Bafang also presented new mid-motor drive systems at Taipei Cycle. It signals the future position of Bafang as a supplier of e-drivetrains as well as batteries in the middle and higher segments of the e-bike market.

Bafang Brings New Mid-Motors for Lower Price Segments and for E-MTBs
This ‘Ultra Drive’ is Bafang’s new system for e-MTBs. – Photo Bike Europe

It’s a market that’s still on the move, according to Jack Brandsen, GM Bafang Europe who said, “With more than 850,000 e-bike motor systems delivered globally in 2016, Bafang is clearly on its way to move into the higher volume and value segments. Part of this growth is the result of the excellent acceptance of the Max Drive mid-motor system among others. As mid-motors are the preferred system for the major markets in Europe the focus on new versions is clearly set. Currently two new variations of the Max Drive, the ‘Ultra Drive’ and the ‘Modest Drive’ are being offered.”

New system for e-MTBs

The Ultra Drive is Bafang’s new system for e-MTBs. The Ultra offers a heavy duty mid-motor capable of 500 – 1000W as well as a maximum torque of 160Nm. Along with e-MTBs the Ultra drive system is also targeting speed e-bikes as the maximum supported drive speed stands at 45km/h. Bafang’s Ultra Drive System comes with a downtube battery pack in various capacity options as well as an easy-to-read display.

New system for ‘Modest’ priced e-bikes

As well as the Ultra, Bafang also presented the Modest Drive at Taipei Cycle. This mid-motor system is price-wise positioned under Bafang’s Max Drive. The Modest is labeled as “Smooth, Silent, and Economic” and looks to target an e-bike retail price bracket between € 1300 to € 1600. It’s compatible for use on all customary frames; comes with speed sensor, as well as various battery pack options.

Bafang’s flexible approach

On the initial investment of over € 10 million in battery production Brandsen said “OEM partners prefer complete system solutions today. It became crucial to offer this option as well, besides the flexible approach Bafang is providing.”

Bafang is currently developing various battery options according to Brandsen.



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